Bah Humbug


Firstly, I want to apologize for not writing a blog. I had every intention of writing one. But every time I start to write I am confronted with the tyranny of urgent tasks.

It’s that time of year isn’t it? In the midst of shopping for needless gifts for people who don’t need a thing, the blow-up santa, fake trees, and LED lights must be stragetically arranged somewhere on the front of the house to give maximum effect to passerbys who don’t really care. And it’s cold. And warm. Then cold again. It’s raining. Or is it wet snow? The joys of Newfoundland weather just seem to add something special to an already stressful time of year.

I might as well just say it. Bah humbug.

No, I am not a scrooge. I like Christmas. Seriously. What I don’t like is stress. Caused in part by bills. And long line-ups at Wal-mart. VISA cards that won’t stay in my wallet. I’d cut it up (the VISA card I mean) but I just need it so bad. How can I purchase anything online without it? How can I purchase anything in person without it?

When people ask me if I have my shopping done I must fight the urge to burst into tears. To make matters worse, I am currently a pastor. In our wisdom, we pastors like to schedule extra-services and events this time of year which is much like putting on extra clothes during a heatwave.

Deep down I know it’s more blessed to give than to receive but sometimes I just don’t feel it. The problem is that I’m a terrible gift picker outer. I know what I like. I have no clue what anyone else likes. Well, that’s not entirely true. I know my wife likes clothes. She wears them every day. I just don’t know what particular clothes to select from the hundreds of thousands of options available at the one of 50,000 stores available to shop from. So she ends up picking out her own stuff. But does that really count as Christmas gifts? I want to believe it does but I have my doubts.

So I’m compelled to get a surprise. But what? Oh the questions. Do we have enough for our eight-year old boy? Should we tell him the truth about Santa? Have I strung enough garland across the living room ceiling? Have we spent beyond our means again? These are the type of thoughts that will torment me from now until December 25.

Furthermore, the house needs cleaning. The car needs snowtires. Services need planning. I need a haircut. I’ve been drinking too much pepsi and it’s not even Christmas Eve. Busyness beyond reason. The multitude of unfinished tasks. My to-do list keeps expanding at an exponential rate.

You can see why I don’t have the time or frame of mind to write a sensible blog. My apologies to the three’s and four’s of people who actually read them. I will try to write one at my earliest possible inconvenience.

In the meantime, thanks for the gift of your understanding.

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